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The Urbanite Bathroom: Contemporary & Sleek $14900

This design style is defined by crisp lines, shiny finishes, rich wood, and architectural detailing. Modern and slick, the Urbanite demands attention worthy of an upscale urban loft. This package includes all finish materials and labor.
 *Fixed price applies to a standard 50 square foot bathroom (7' x 7'). Larger bathrooms incur additional cost per square foot.

Here’s What is Included in Your Bathroom Package

These items are all of the standard inclusions for your bathroom design package pictured above. Your package includes all of the items listed below as well as all labor for the project. If you would like to purchase this package as is, click the purchase button below. You will be contacted by dRemodeling to discuss the details of implementing the design in your home and the items listed below will arrive at your door, ready to be installed by us. Easy as 1, 2 ,3! If you would like to further customize your bathroom package, you may automatically add upgrades by simply selecting upgrade items to the right.

American Standard H2Option Toilet

Kohler Archer Bathtub

Kohler Persuade 24" Vanity

American Standard 22" Cardiff Mirror in Espresso

Kohler Persuade Lavatory

Danze Reef Lavatory Faucet in Chrome

Delta Vero Shower & Tub Trim in Chrome

Delta Vero Tissue Holder in Chrome

Delta Vero Robe Hook in Chrome

Delta Vero 24" Towel Bar in Chrome

Daltile Union Square Wall Tile in Cobble

Daltile Union Square Floor Paver in Cobble

Behr Interior Paint in Wales Gray

George Kovacs Wall Sconce From the Streetlight Collection

Package Image
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    Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What is Included in My Design Package?
      While no bathrooms are exactly identical, most bathrooms are within the 50-60 square foot range and are typically in the range of 5’ x 8’ to 7’ x 8’ in dimension. We offer full design packages including a bathtub, faucets, sink, vanity, mirror, toilet, light, and basic accessories for bathrooms up to 60 square feet for a base rate of $14,900.00. Your package includes all material shown in the design as well as contractor services for the finest remodeling work and installation available. At dRemodeling, we understand that our customers have varied stylistic tastes. That’s why we offer multiple design solutions that have been professionally developed by skilled designers. Our low base rates provide affordable high end design solutions and our packages offer unmatched convenience in remodeling. Please Note: For bathrooms over 60 square feet, there wil be a $150 per additional square foot charge. Here is a specific list of the standard inclusions in our design packages: 1. Bathtub and drain assembly [each of these looks different depending on the type of design style you choose] 2. Pressure balancing shower valve [this helps to prevent water temperature changes when other appliances in the house require water use] 3. Shower head and valve trim [each of these looks different depending on the type of design style you choose] 4. Toilet [we use quality brands that offer you water saving technology and beautiful appearance] 5. Toilet Seat 7. Floor & wall tile [these are hand-selected by our designers to coordinate with your chosen design package] 8. Vanity [vanity will be coordinated with your selected design package] 9. Sink [sink will be coordinated with your selected design package] 10. Vanity faucet [faucet will be coordinated with your selected design package] 11. Mirror [mirror will be coordinated with your selected design package] 12. Light fixture [light fixture will be coordinated with your selected design package] 13. Exhaust fan 14. Shower Curtain rod [you have the option to upgrade to a tub door in our upgrade options list] 15. Outlets, switches, and wall plates 16. Accessories [standard accessories include a toilet paper holder, towel bar, and robe hook all coordinate with your chosen design package]
  • 2. What is the dRemodeling Process?
      Demolition 1. The first step in the demolition process involves the removal of all existing fixtures in the bathroom including the sink, toilet, vanity, light fixtures, bathtub, faucets, mirror, and exhaust fan if applicable. 2. Your bathrom will then be gutted down to the framing studs and original subfloor. This gives us a fresh new start for your design. Cleanup & Repair The cleanup phase after demolition ensures a clean slate for us to work. We follow these steps: 1. We will remove all dust, debris, and demolished material from your bathroom. 2. We will remove and dispose of all excess waste including your existing fixtures from the old bathroom. 3. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your existing structure. This includes a checkup for mold growth, any potential rotting in your sub floor, and any other damage to existing structural members. [Please note that we make repairs within reason. Large damage repairs will be billed at an additional cost] New Work After demolition and repairs have been completed, we will begin implementing your new design. We follow these steps: 1. Install new subfloring and prep for tile installtion. 2. Install new impervious backer board in tub area to prevent water penetration. This will prevent mold growth and damage to your wall tiles in the future. 3. Check existing plumbing lines and install new shutoff valves. 4. Replace all exposed plumbing lines as necessary. 5. Install new moisture and mold resistant sheetrock on walls and ceiling. Finish surfaces with tape, spackle, and sanding to prepare for painting. 6. Prime and paint all surfaces as dictated by the design. We use 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint for beautiful coverage. We proudly use Benjamin Moore Paints and each designed package comes complete with colors selected by our designers. 7. Install new bathtub. 8. Install new floor tiles. Your package includes tiles hand-selected by our design team. 9. Install new wall tiles in bathtub area. Your package includes tiles hand-selected by our design team. 10. Grout all tiles on walls and floor. Your package includes a grout color perfectly coordinated to your design. 11. Apply sealant to grout. 12. Install new electrical switches, outlets, and light over the vanity. 13. Install new vanity with sink. 14. Install new toilet. 15. Instals new faucets and taps for the sink, toilet, and bathtub. 16. Install mirror above vanity. 17. Install new finish moldings around door, ceilng, and floor perimeter if applicable. 18. Install bathroom accesories. Your design package comes with a toilet paper holder, towel bar, and robe hook.
  • 3. How Do I Pay For My Package?
      Our website makes it simple for you to select the exact design you want. When you submit your purchase order, your package information, along with any selected upgrades, is sent to the dRemodeling team. We review your order and contact you about the further details of your space. After an initial review and free in-house estimate, you wil be invoiced for your order. This allows us to examine your existing space to ensure that there is not a need for excessive repair work, additional square footage additions, etc. When you place an order on this website, you are not expected to make a payment and will not be charged for submitting your package purchase request to us.
  • 4. How Does dRemodeling Customize the Design to My Space?
      After you place your package order on this website, you will be contacted by a dRemodeling representative to schedule a home visit. A dRemodeling team member will come to your home [for free] to evaluate your existing space, take measurements, and discuss your needs with you. After gathering this information, dRemodeling will go to work transforming your space! Our in-house design team will apply the design elements from your selected package right to your space.
  • 5. How Long Does This Process Take?
      Our website ordering process is quick and simple. After submitting your purchase request, you will hear from a dRemodeling representative within 24 hours. Every project's construction schedule is different depending on size and complexity, but we pride ourselves in our ability to remain incredibly time and cost efficient for our customers.
  • 6. How Do I Add Upgrades or Further Customize My Design?
      dRemodeling offers a long list of upgrades for you to further customize your design. When viewing a design package, you may make additions by simply clicking the boxes next to upgrades you wish to have. Upgrades will automatically be added to your order and sent to the dRemodeling team when you submit.
  • 7. Do I Have to Pay for an In-House Estimate?
      No. dRemodeling always offers in-house estimates for free.
  • 8. Who Completes the Drawings/Documents for My Project?
      We do! dRemodeling is committed to being your one-stop-shop for all things remodeling. After your in-house estimate, our team goes hard to work to complete a full set of construction documents, specifications, and other necessary documents for the contractor team to complete your remodel beautifully and efficiently.
  • 9. Where Can I Learn More About dRemodeling?
      dRemodeling is a widely recognized, award-winning company. We encourage you to learn more about our work, services, and awards at
  • 10. Are There Exceptions to My Package Cost?
      Yes. We offer affordable base rates for our design packages for bathrooms up to 60 square feet. Any bathroom that is more than 60 square feet will be subject to a $150.00 per additional square foot charge. In addition to this exception, please note the following: 1. Package fixed price assumes that electric wiring is up to the code . If new wires are required, the package will incur additional cost. 2. Package fixed price assumes that existing plumbing in the walls meets code requirements. If new plumbing is required, the package will incur additional cost. 3. Package fixed price assumes that framing (wall studs and floor joists) are stable. Repairs to structure wil incur additional cost.